FI synergy describes our holistic methodology for maximizing funding.


The research tax allowance applies retroactively until 2020.

It is deducted directly from your tax liability or paid out in cash so that you have more budget available for investments.


You need new technical equipment, hardware or are planning funding at EU, national and regional level, guaranteeing that you will receive the highest possible funding to finance your investments.


You have an idea or vision? You have planned research and development projects? We will provide you with the necessary funding. On all three levels: EU, national and regional, so that you are guaranteed to receive the highest possible.

FI Group as a partner: Our promise

With our extensive knowledge of all funding programmes, continuous monitoring of regulatory changes and our proven methodology tailored to local and specific requirements, we ensure that our clients’ needs are met to the maximum.

I want to profit from it!

Our business model is predominantly based on success. Our clients only pay when we generate subsidies or savings for them.

I want to profit from it!

With ISO9001 and ISO27001 certifications, FI Group is committed to the highest quality and data security. As a reliable partner, we maintain close relationships with public institutions and companies in all markets in which we are active.

I want to profit from it!
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