Master of Science – Energy Engineering Master of Science – Energieingenieurwesen

Amir Pasha Javadi

Head of Digitalisation & Gaming

The games industry is a fascinating field that goes far beyond pure entertainment. It offers the opportunity to entertain and influence millions of people in areas such as cultural exchange, education and social interaction. My expertise in this sector allows me to fully utilize my creativity in this dynamic environment and work with talented teams from different areas.

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After completing my Master’s degree in Energy Engineering and Energy Engineering, I initially worked as a scientific consultant at the project management organization of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR). This is where I gained in-depth insights into the funding landscape in Germany. I was then able to put the expertise I gained to ideal use at the FI Group, where I have been following my passion and heading up the gaming practice since the beginning of 2023. To be honest: it was great fun!

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Gamers are often said to be somewhat sloppy. But the image of men who still have half a pizza stuck in their shaggy beards as they try to reach the next level is long gone! I am persistent, never give up and am passionate about developing the best funding strategy together with my clients! I strive for excellence and want to constantly expand my knowledge!

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I have a passion for music, sport and art. I love exploring music’s cultural roots and theory and combining different musical genres. I practice a variety of sports that challenge my mind, soul and body, from camping and hiking in the wilderness to tennis, beach volleyball, skiing with friends, surfing and rock climbing. I am particularly enthusiastic about design, painting and photography.

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FI synergy: The way to maximize your funding

FI synergy stands for much more than just raising funds: The optimal strategy is crucial! We take into account regional, national and international funding opportunities and work out how they can be combined most effectively to obtain the maximum amount of funding.

This comprehensive expertise from tens of thousands of projects worldwide is unique in the market. We support our clients from A to Z, taking them by the hand from the outset, working with them to identify potentially eligible projects, developing the best strategy and also supporting them in the context of a possible audit by the funding bodies or tax authorities.

In addition to in-depth industry knowledge, we also contribute our administrative contacts. After all, the authorities also value our expertise. Good contact with ministries, for example in the context of legislative procedures, is also of great importance to society.

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