Wirtschaftsingenieur mit Schwerpunkt Logistik

Felix Staek

Head of Data & Cybersecurity

With a solid academic background in industrial engineering, I have been working in the cybersecurity industry for several years. My multidisciplinary training and many years of experience enable me to understand the complex challenges in this area holistically and manage them effectively. I lead a team of highly qualified experts who together have more than a century of experience in cyber security. This impressive expertise makes us an unbeatable unit for successfully implementing complex projects in this critical sector.

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After graduating from Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg and a series of internships and first steps with renowned companies in the industry, my career path led me to the FI Group. I have been working for the FI Group for several years, in both Spain and Germany. This international activity has deepened my understanding of global cybersecurity requirements.

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I am not only a good listener, but also an experienced team leader with a high level of adaptability. My continuous willingness to learn and my natural curiosity enable me to constantly expand my skills and thus create added value for the FI Group and our clients.

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In my free time, I am a dedicated road cyclist and generally active in sports. These activities help me to stay fit both mentally and physically. I also enjoy expressing my creative side through gaming and cooking, also with my colleague Amir.

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FI synergy: The way to maximize your funding

FI synergy stands for much more than just raising funds: The optimal strategy is crucial! We take into account regional, national and international funding opportunities and work out how they can be combined most effectively to obtain the maximum amount of funding.

This comprehensive expertise from tens of thousands of projects worldwide is unique in the market. We support our clients from A to Z, taking them by the hand from the outset, working with them to identify potentially eligible projects, developing the best strategy and also supporting them in the context of a possible audit by the funding bodies or tax authorities.

In addition to in-depth industry knowledge, we also contribute our administrative contacts. After all, the authorities also value our expertise. Good contact with ministries, for example in the context of legislative procedures, is also of great importance to society.

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