Innovative materials

Innovative materials are characterized by unique or improved properties and characteristics compared to traditional materials. These materials are often developed through the application of new manufacturing processes, advanced technologies or the combination of different materials to achieve specific properties. Some examples of innovative materials are

  • Composite materials: These materials consist of two or more composite materials that are combined to achieve superior properties. For example, carbon fibre composites offer high strength and lightness.
  • Intelligent materials: These materials can react to external stimuli such as changes in temperature, light or pressure. For example, materials can change colour with temperature or repair themselves.
  • Biomimetic materials: These high-performance materials imitate properties and structures found in nature. For example, materials that imitate bone or plant structures to achieve greater strength.
  • Nanotechnology materials: These materials have dimensions in the nano range, which gives them unique properties. For example, nanomaterials can have higher strength, conductivity or energy storage capacity.

Challenges in the development of innovative materials

  • Production costs: Innovative input materials often require more complex manufacturing processes or the use of more expensive materials, which can limit their widespread adoption due to their high cost.
  • Scalability: Scaling up the production of innovative materials can be challenging, as large-scale manufacturing processes are difficult to develop and costly to implement.
  • Sustainability: It is important to consider the environmental impact of innovative materials. Some materials may be difficult to recycle or generate toxic waste during their manufacturing process.
  • Regulations and standards: Innovative materials must comply with established safety regulations and standards. This may require additional testing and certification before they can be used in commercial applications.
  • Durability and service life: Some innovative materials may have a limited lifespan or be less durable than traditional materials. This may limit their use in certain sectors, such as the construction or automotive sectors.

Despite these challenges, innovative materials have great potential to drive technological advances in various fields such as medicine, energy, electronics and construction.

FI Group as your partner

As a reliable partner in a globally networked chemical market, we offer comprehensive support through our international network of experts. We have the necessary understanding of the market and the resources to successfully realize projects worldwide. The focus here is on developing energy-efficient and sustainable solutions.

As a materials engineer – with a degree in materials science, economics and ecology and FZulG Knowledge Leader at the FI Group – I have extensive scientific knowledge in the fields of chemistry and innovative materials.

I find this topic very concrete and I enjoy helping clients finance their projects by trying to find solutions that meet scientific and regulatory requirements. I am particularly interested in the many possible combinations and the latest innovations, especially in the context of ecology and the circular economy.

For this reason, I decided to join the FI Group in October 2020 after the announcement of the various economic stimulus programmes in Europe. Because of my background, I particularly enjoy Franco-German R&D projects and innovations.

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Following the announcement of various economic stimulus programmes in Europe, I decided to join the FI Group in October 2020. I am particularly interested in Franco-German research and development projects and innovations, which have a special significance for me due to my origins.

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I put great emphasis on teamwork. In my opinion, teams whose members know and understand each other well can work together more efficiently and harmoniously.

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In my free time, I am drawn to the great outdoors. I enjoy long walks and also have a passion for cooking. I also love answering questions, be it in a quiz or in a discussion about complex scientific topics.

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FI synergy stands for much more than just raising funds: The optimal strategy is crucial! We take into account regional, national and international funding opportunities and work out how they can be combined most effectively to obtain the maximum amount of funding.

This comprehensive expertise from tens of thousands of projects worldwide is unique in the market. We support our clients from A to Z, taking them by the hand from the outset, working with them to identify potentially eligible projects, developing the best strategy and also supporting them in the context of a possible audit by the funding bodies or tax authorities.

In addition to in-depth industry knowledge, we also contribute our administrative contacts. After all, the authorities also value our expertise. Good contact with ministries, for example in the context of legislative procedures, is also of great importance to society.

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