PhD in Kommunikationswissenschaften Master in Management nachhaltiger Entwicklung Projektmanagement im technischen Umfeld

DR. Borja Dapena

Head of Automotive & Mobility

With more than 12 years of experience in managing and coordinating projects in the automotive sector at the regional, national or European level, I am an expert in promoting complex collaborations. My extensive knowledge of the automotive & mobility sector at the national and European level enables me to manage projects efficiently from the initial idea through to completion. Thanks to our extensive experience and broad specialist knowledge, my team and I are ideally qualified for projects in the automotive & mobility sector.

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After holding various positions, including at Stellantis and as a project manager at CEAGA, I have been Head of the Automotive and Mobility sector since 2022. I have also been concurrently working as a university lecturer for sustainability since 2014.

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I am a team player and firmly believe that we are stronger together and that the best ideas are created as a team. Communication is also my strength: Whether in meetings, at conferences or in teaching – I have a knack for communicating complex issues in such a way that everyone understands them.

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I like running – I switch off and find my focus again. It’s my way of meditating, which helps me to clear my head for new ideas. Every trip is a new lesson for me. I love getting to know other cultures and incorporating these experiences into my work.


FI synergy: The way to maximize your funding

FI synergy stands for much more than just raising funds: The optimal strategy is crucial! We take into account regional, national and international funding opportunities and work out how they can be combined most effectively to obtain the maximum amount of funding.

This comprehensive expertise from tens of thousands of projects worldwide is unique in the market. We support our clients from A to Z, taking them by the hand from the outset, working with them to identify potentially eligible projects, developing the best strategy and also supporting them in the context of a possible audit by the funding bodies or tax authorities.

In addition to in-depth industry knowledge, we also contribute our administrative contacts. After all, the authorities also value our expertise. Good contact with ministries, for example in the context of legislative procedures, is also of great importance to society.

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